The Future is You !
Terrévada wants to be different .... not one more company.
Ethics rhyme for us with sharing.
Trade must be rethought from the ground up as a way to fairly distribute the wealth. Better working conditions and decent wages for those who manufacture, fair prices for quality products for wearers.
The era of rampant profit margins finally ends. It only remains to us now to rethink together a truly fair trade.
Terrévada promotes craft and wants to see disappear factories to slavery.
Finally, to all those who believe and know that this unfair and unequal system can neither last nor extend to the entire planet otherwise we dive into a deep chaos we propose to join us.
For a better future, we must understand as quickly as it takes to re-learn to share egalitarian ALL between what nature offers the Terrans :)
Those who work as slaves to the other side of the world to enrich a handful of people already millionaires have THEMSELVES, dreams and desires of happiness as all of us.
Terrévada is only a drop in the immense ocean again but every support and every purchase you make with us wants to go in that direction MORE EQUITABLE SHARING one of our wealth.

A big thank you to all of you !

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Delphine and Yan Terrévada


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